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  • 36+ million  UU/ month

  • 450+ millions PV/month

  • 60+ million transfers/ month

  • Full screen ads

  • CPM

  • Each impression has a duration of 45 seconds

  • The add appears in the first 5 to 10 positions of WeTransfer 

  • Availability 100 % in brand day a full day

We Transfer

Native Advertising


Native Advertising is all the content approved or published from a brand that integrates conveniently on the user browsing.


It’s also designed to get viral and shared on social networks


  •  It’s based on the relevance and integration and not on the interruption .

  • Greater engagement ratio and interaction with its target, same management, targeting and capabilities, multiscreen, mobile, deskopt and tablets.

  • Solutions applicable to " banner blindness ", relevant, controllable and viralizable on RRSS.







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